global warming

Dangerously Low on Water, Cape Town Now Faces ‘Day Zero’

Cape Town may seem a world away but it is not. Climate change is to blame for the drought in Cape Town and similar situations will abound near and far if we are not mindful of the limits of our planet in warmer world. Cape Town is a city of 4 million people. Homes with […]

Water, water everywhere…

And not a drop to drink according to NASA. Water conservation and backing off on aquifer drilling is a must do right now. There’s no replacing water that is created naturally from rain and snowfall once it is consumed without spending excruciating amounts of money on desalinization plants and treatment facilities. A smarter move would […]

Al Roker nails it

Our favorite NYC weather man, Al Roker, comments to Larry King on this winter’s difficult weather fluctuations and nails it on climate change. Like a boss. Click the picture for the 2 minute video.    

Everything you wanted to know about climate change but were afraid to ask

In this short article there is a link to an equally short explanation of how climate change works: In under a minute it can be explained. Check it out and be enlightened!   Global Warming Explained, In About A Minute by Tania Lombrozo December 16, 201310:43 AM Jean-Pierre Clatot/AFP/Getty Images On a pleasant […]