Dangerously Low on Water, Cape Town Now Faces ‘Day Zero’

Cape Town may seem a world away but it is not. Climate change is to blame for the drought in Cape Town and similar situations will abound near and far if we are not mindful of the limits of our planet in warmer world. Cape Town is a city of 4 million people. Homes with […]

Packaging’s role in Walmart’s Project Gigaton

Packaging’s role in Walmart’s Project Gigaton Tony Kingsbury Monday, October 16, 2017 – 1:26am Earlier this year, around Earth Day, Walmart announced an ambitious plan to work with its supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by one gigaton. I decided to run the numbers to see what role source reduction, specifically in Walmart’s […]

Soylent Green as a Warning

Soylent Green is a 1973 film starring Charlton Heston and takes place in 2022, which is a dystopian nightmare. Greenhouse gasses have skyrocketed causing the environment to be unbearable – hot, humid, polluted – miserable all the time. Poverty and overpopulation has people starving piled up sleeping in doorways and the streets. The lack of […]

New York Oyster Week is on!

New York Oyster Week is back! The benevolent bi-valve that cleans our waters and is also quite delicious is back in the spotlight for the remainder of September! Find all the unique events here: Don’t know how to get your mitts on some of these beauties? Try Open Table! It doesn’t get any easier […]

It’s the little things

Check it out! Featuring David Suzuki and some of the world’s best snowboarders, The Little Things Movieshares the stories of environmentally conscious athletes who are inspirational for their sustainable initiatives and lifestyles. As he says, you need a personal connection to nature to make it meaningful. We are 100% connected to everything in nature at […]

Here comes the sun!

The Nature Conservancy’s Young Professionals Group knows how to throw a heck of a party! Save the date and get a ticket for their June 2nd Nature Matters Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street! It’s always a fun and colorful affair! MARK R. TERCEK President and Chief Executive Officer of The Nature Conservancy invites you to […]

Hit the slopes, not the rocks

Anyone who enjoys skiing, or the great out doors in general, knows we must protect what we love. The weather at the Sochi Olympics that created such dreadful and dangerous conditions for the athletes is only one in hundreds of examples of how climate change is directly effecting us. I don’t to ever want to […]