The Future of Food – An Actionable Evening with EWG’s Ken Cook and Dr. Frank Lipman

The Future of Food- An Actionable Evening with EWG’s Ken Cook & Dr. Frank Lipman By Nicole Meyers Why, all of a sudden, is everyone is gluten intolerant? On September 13th, Environmental Working Group’s co-founder Ken Cook sat down with functional medicine leader Dr. Frank Lipman, MD to discuss how our broken food system has […]

Save the Hors d’Oeuvre!

We live in New York City. We are bombarded every day with pleas from environmental groups to save something – something new or old or small and cute and it is often too overwhelming to contemplate. We live in the human built environment surrounded on all sides by other humans and very little nature. How […]

7 industries at greatest risk from climate change

Here is a quick slideshow about seven industries that will be most effected by climate change. It is not “somebody else’s job” to care for the resources that support us. It is everyone’s. On this list are Insurance, Agriculture, Energy, the Beverage Industry, Commercial Fishing, Skiing, Wineries, and Wall Street. I don’t ever want to […]