Consulting Services

The Green Light Program, sustainability consulting services as designed by us, is meant to make the transition to environmentally conscious business practices as smooth as possible.

The First Step…

The Carbon Footprint

A Carbon Footprint calculation is the first step towards sustainability as it prioritizes a business’s goals.

By distributing surveys to both management and employees, we are able to measure all sources of emissions including:

  • Electricity use
  • Building envelope
  • Waste generation
  • Food waste generation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Supply chain management

Everything that happens day-to-day and with future growth in mind.

Followed By…

Sustainability Curated

We then create a Recommendations Report focusing on reduction of resource use based on the results without impeding growth or interruption of services.

A Program is then developed and customized to satisfy each client’s unique needs wherein budget and corporate identity are taken into consideration. Initiatives that address each area that needs improvement are introduced by priority: from the most to be gained with the least effort to capital improvements, and then managed by us for successful incorporation to the business’s Culture, Operations and Management.

The End Result.

The Final Product

Sustainability training is then provided for all levels of staff to implement the Program and maintain the new culture of efficiency and mindful expenditure of resources.

We assist as needed with communication of successes to peers and colleagues via press releases, website updates, stakeholder engagement and employee engagement.

Finally, we also maintain contact with our clients to make certain all the initiatives in place are up to date and continuous improvement of managerial methods and technological and equipment updates.

Packages – All-in or One Piece at a Time

Depending on the business’s needs and resources, we can provide an all encompassing in-depth analysis, or remain within the confines of the immediate office space while still creating the potential to move outwards when time and budget allow.

If a basic audit is preferred, the Green Your Office program may be of interest. It encompasses the same surveys as the full carbon footprint audit with emphasis on the office environment only.