The Most Beautiful Zombie-Proof House

It looks like a beautiful, simple modern design – but I bet you didn’t think about the pending Zombie Apocalypse when you were oohing and awing over this Warsaw home’s fine lines. Well, in addition to plenty of natural light and open space, all the doors and windows intentionally seal completely to create a solid […]

Hidden Potential

The Detroit problem is for certain a conundrum with no easy solution. But from an environmental perspective, taking areas that have been largely abandoned and adding open spaces in the form of parks, fields or farms for example is a rare opportunity to remake a city with all the knowledge we now have to combat […]

Renters can lower their carbon footprint too

Just because you rent you apartment (as do 1 in 3 people) and most carbon footprint efficiencies are geared towards owners doesn’t mean you’re totally powerless. Check out this article and new Make an Impact website ( geared towards streamlining renters’ contributions to slowing climate change. Every bit helps! Renters can help save energy Submitted […]

Where did my umbrella go?

Harvest Dome 2.0 by SLO Architects has been anchored in Inwood Hill Park by a beautiful bridge. Constructed of 450 found umbrellas and 128 plastic bottles, it is an aesthetic comment on our water borne waste. Adorned with LED lights, it can be enjoyed by visitors anytime. Check it out!

Waste not Wednesday! What to do with a decommissioned 747

This is ingenuity at its best! David Hertz Architects and Studio or Environmental Architecture waded through rivers of red tape in order to build this house out of a decommissioned 747. Read the interview and be impressed. Very impressed.

Matt & Nat – sleek, stylish and eco-conscious bags

Matt & Nat or Mat(erials) and Nat(ure) creates dozens of bags and accessories all made from eco, recycled, and upcycled materials with stunning results. Colors and styles for all.  

The aesthetics of climate change – in music

Here is a musical interpretation of the rapidly rising global temperature as performed by University of Minnesota undergrad Daniel Crawford. Listen and learn! The Haunting Melody of Global Warming By Phil Plait Posted Thursday, July 18, 2013, at 8:00 AM The rising chords of global warming. Photo from the video It’s not easy to […]

The aesthetics of nature – Flag Art Foundation tonight

Opening tonight at Flag Art Foundation is the group exhibition entitled Something About a Tree. 6-8pm at 545 W 25th St between 10th and 11th Avenues, 9th Floor. Flag Art Foundation: Enjoy! Ugo Rondinone bright shiny morning, 1997 Fibergalss prototype 50 x 50 x 100 Photograph courtesy the artist’s studio

Mugless Mondays!

Remember these classic New York coffee cups? Well, now you can have one that won’t burn your fingers and you can use it over and over again! Get them here: