Monthly Archives: May 2015

Art for the Planet’s Sake

The Venice Biennale has just opened and to a wave of artwork focusing on the global environmental changes attributed to climate change. As Roberta Smith says below, ‘This is not a time for art as an object of contemplation or delight, much less a market commodity – certainly not in public exhibition whose chief responsibility […]

Heineken Saved $84 Million by Using Less Water

Beer is made of water, barley, hops and yeast. But without the water you basically have beery tasting bread. The folks at Heineken know what they need to do to keep their doors open and that is to save water in their production. Plus they saved $84 million smackers doing it. They are indeed “Brewing […]

10 Critical Corporate Sustainability Trends

What trends are you following? I’m loving all the collaborations that include humor and unexpected creative connections. I think that’s the trend to follow. 10 Critical Corporate Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2015 and Beyond May 11, 2015 by Dimitar Vlahov   If the global business community is to thrive in the long term — […]

The Creative Climate Awards – Call for Artists!

Are you an artist who focuses on climate change? Please submit to The Human Impact’s Institute’s annual competition – The Creative Climate Awards! What Are the Creative Climate Awards? The Human Impacts Institute’s Fifth Annual Creative Climate Call for Artists brings together the visual arts, performance art, and film to install climate-inspired public works throughout […]

Elon Musk Announces Tesla Energy

Elon Musk just turned the fight against climate change on its head. He announced and explained the roll out of the Tesla home/commercial energy battery using normal human conversational language, and humor, addressing a huge global problem without making it sound dire or quoting stats or percentages. Simply stated: “I think we collectively should tru […]

The 9 limits of our planet

I think Johan Rockstrom summed it up in the article below when he said let the planet place the boundaries of our development. That may seem stifling but with the surge of renewable energy innovation and technological advances assisting the sustainability movement, we have a chance to come out on top of this crisis. This […]