7 industries at greatest risk from climate change

Here is a quick slideshow about seven industries that will be most effected by climate change. It is not “somebody else’s job” to care for the resources that support us. It is everyone’s. On this list are Insurance, Agriculture, Energy, the Beverage Industry, Commercial Fishing, Skiing, Wineries, and Wall Street.

7 industries climate change

I don’t ever want to say “Remember skiing? That was fun, wasn’t it? Too bad we melted all the snow.” And for what, exactly? Try answering that and see what arguments come. And what they sound like in the face of personal, local and global consequences. It’s an interesting exercise. Wineries is also a soft spot for me, and more than a few others I imagine. Terroire is a delicate and centuries old balance of cultivation and culture that can be destroyed by a single degree change in temperature. It can’t be replicated or simply moved.

My question is: what constitutes an acceptable loss? The real question is “why?”. What was so important you couldn’t add environmental protection to your bottom line? It appears to me if you ask why often enough, there is no argument strong enough to justify anything other than stewardship of resources. Watch the slide show and choose – what moves you to act? There must be one thing on the list that will speak to you. Find it. Then do something about it.


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