Coming at it from all angles – a graphic novel about climate change

It took him six years of learning and research but now it is finished. An epic and informative graphic novel about climate change called Climate Changed: A Personal Journey Through the Science. The author, Philippe Squarzoni, has said that the subject matter of his newest work chose him and not the other way around. He couldn’t not do it.

climate changed

And so he chronicles in a Climate Changed: A Personal Journey Through the Science his own discovery of what to really means to live in this time and how powerless it often feels in the face of something as huge and daunting as a planet-wide crisis. Questions are asked, answers given, not always to satisfaction, mirroring most people’s experiences at this point in time. You can’t be afraid all you life, he says. So he made himself informed, for better or worse. A book can’t change the world, he knows, but one has to try, to use what they have to say what needs saying. And so we continue to try and inspire action in any way we can. To come at it from all angles. Let this be but one of many that takes us to a state of mindful action.

green house effect
climate changed

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