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Everything you wanted to know about climate change but were afraid to ask

In this short article there is a link to an equally short explanation of how climate change works: In under a minute it can be explained. Check it out and be enlightened!   Global Warming Explained, In About A Minute by Tania Lombrozo December 16, 201310:43 AM Jean-Pierre Clatot/AFP/Getty Images On a pleasant […]

Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is a documentary that is as much about climate change as it is about perseverance and wherewithal of photographer James Balog endeavoring to create a living photo documentation of our rapidly receding glaciers and the consequences. He says to him photography has much been about raising awareness. In this film he does just […]

An uplifting story

Need an inspiration boost? Check out this film about a kid who designed a windmill from scrap parts effectively saving his family from famine and poverty. William and the Windmill will make your day.      

A picture is worth a thousand words

Everyone is inspired to action differently: some by words, some by images, some by film, some by the example of others. The following article highlighting climate change via images from NASA over the last half century are startling to say the least. I hope they bring some to understand that the time to act is […]